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Building Sales Equity: The Power of Thanking Your Customers All Year Round

In today's business landscape, customer experience is a topic that has caught the attention of managers, executives, and consultants alike. However, despite the heightened interest and discussions, there is still a significant amount of confusion surrounding the concept of truly prioritizing the customer and establishing sales equity.

A pressing question that still lingers is:

What is the best way to express gratitude towards one's customers?

  • Send an email. Send your customers a short, personalized “thank you” note. Not an automated piece of advertising, but talking about a genuine, from-the-heart “thank you” that shows you know who they are and you appreciate their business.

  • Give them a gift or discount card. If you send a gift or discount card, again, be sure to include a personalized note. Otherwise, the gift will come out looking more like spam than something to be appreciated.

  • Pick up the phone. Give your customers a call. Do not have any hidden selling agenda. Just tell them that you think they are great and you are happy to be doing business with them. Ask if there is anything you can do to make their lives better and mean it. People know when you are telling the truth, so be genuine.

  • Show them you are paying attention. Really listen to what they have to say, whether they are browsing, texting, on social media, emailing, calling you, or using whatever channel they prefer.

Provide a Great Customer Experience Year Round

It is crucial to bear in mind that expressing gratitude towards your customers and delivering an exceptional customer experience is not something that should be limited to the holiday season. There are numerous ways to show appreciation to your customers throughout the year:

  • Respect them. Provide an outstanding customer experience. When they are confused, guide them through processes. When there are issues, hear their concerns and respond in a respectful way.

  • Be honest. Do not promise something you cannot deliver on. Be truthful and you will gain their trust.

  • Remember they are people too. Treat them like human beings, not numbers.

  • Remind your customers that you are people too. Show that your company is filled with human beings who can relate to their customers in a non-robotic way.

  • Do not script everything. Even if you have a script for your agents, allow them to move off script as it makes sense to keep the conversation helpful, relevant, and personal.

  • Be there for them. Remember that self-service is great for certain circumstances, but there are definitely situations that call for a more active approach.

  • Being thankful to your customers is not only nice for your clients but also good for business. In fact, according to research done by Kissmetrics, 98% of customers say that customer experience was among the top three factors in deciding whether or not to do business with a company.

In conclusion, the benefits of building sales equity with both brokers and existing customers cannot be overstated. Our research has revealed that customers who have been with a company for at least five years are less likely to switch, and they become more profitable over time. This holds true across various industries, emphasizing the importance of nurturing relationships with existing clients. By implementing the tips outlined in this article and showing appreciation to your customers throughout the year, you can strengthen these relationships and enhance the success of your business. So go ahead and put these strategies into practice - your customers and your business will undoubtedly reap the rewards.

How do you provide great customer experience? Comment down below! After that, follow us on Linkedin at “Encompass-CX” for more content and blog posts.

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