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Vector Firm

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Based in Orlando, FA

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Company Description

Vector Firm Sales Academy is the premier online sales training program built specifically for system integrators and their technology providers. 

Service Offerings:

  1. Vector Firm Academy


The Vector Firm Sales Academy is a sales training platform created specifically for System Integrators & their Technology Partners. Our mission is to teach modern ideas of selling that work perfectly with the modern way of buying. So if you are looking for up-to-date sales training built specifically for System Integrators or their technology providers, then scroll down to explore the details of a monthly membership.

    2.  Sales Leadership and Executive Coaching​

The Sales Leadership & Executive Coaching program follows a deliberate process described below:

  • Assessment of the sales leader and sales team.

  • Definition of professional initiatives.

  • Coaching through the achievement of these initiatives.

  • Ongoing regular progress calls with Chris.

  • When possible, personal visits to stimulate the project.

  • Ongoing access to Chris.

The outcome of our work together is a sales leader that has the confidence, skill, and philosophy to continually lead a sales team to success, even with limited bandwidth and experience.

      3.  Marketing Services 

The unique aspect about our program is that we target your entire eco-system. We understand their needs relative to the security solutions you offer and develop the right content with the right delivery methods so your customers receive information.

Our program is based on three components: audience, content and delivery methods.


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Phillip Millward, Director and Co-Owner, ABtec Computer Solutions Ltd
Ross Linville Owner, Security 101 Orlando

Just wanted to say thanks again for the inspirational presentations. I have already started creating and posting content and in a short period of time had 2 people engage with me who wants to do business with us.

Chris Peterson and Vector Firm brought us a unique understanding of today's customers and a common-sense method of approaching them successfully.  Their ideas are very creative, yet sensible … and they work.  I'm really looking forward to the Academy to keep our momentum and growth moving forward. 

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