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Encompass-CX Partnership Program

Want to make money?

Want happier customers?


What is an ECX Partnership?

The Encompass-CX’s Partner Program builds strong, mutually beneficial relationships with our partners by delivering innovative, highly profitable client-centric solutions.

Our Partner Program is designed to help you generate new and recurring revenue by bringing to your clients a unique set of offerings dedicated to helping them grow.

The Partnership allows you access to training, workshops, and our software so you can become comfortable in understanding all it can provide for you and your clients

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How does an ECX Partnership Work?

Launch (UPDATE)

Gain concrete knowledge of the ECX platform to teach your clients how to better their customer relationships and build their revenue

Empower (UPDATE)

Using the platform self assessments to find insights on how clients view employee engagements in order to then empower employees to create specific, intentional, and, meaningful one on one relationships with clients creating stronger customer relations. Therefore, creating higher customer retention and higher revenue.


Develop long-lasting healthy client relationships that can be nurtured into Trusted Advisors. Having satisfied clients will help grow your overall revenue and customer retention. 

By partnering with Encompass-CX, you will be creating stronger relationships with your already established clients while also gaining recurring income.

Adding Encompass-CX to your portfolio of products will develop a new, additional revenue stream for your company.


Partnering with Encompass-CX gives you the ability to deliver your services combined with award-winning offerings designed specifically to help your target clients across a wide variety of industries.

Who is an ideal partner?

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We are looking for partners who are experienced in helping clients develop great business relationships. Typically, Encompass-CX Partners are full-time consultants, trainers, coaches, etc. - solo entrepreneurs or boutique consulting firms – looking to grow their practice in a repeatable, scalable way…adding a predictable source of revenue to their project-based work.

We have a variety of different partners ranging from PE Partners, to Technology Partners, to Consulting Partners! Regardless of the specialty, all our partners have one common focus: the experience of their customers...


Encompass-CX is committed to building a successful Partner Program that benefits your clients, you the Partner and Encompass-CX – a true Win – Win – Win!  

Our Partnerships

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Partner Story / Testimonial

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  • What is Customer Experience?
    Customer Experience (CX) is how your customers or potential customers receive and interact with every touchpoint of your business. A customer experience includes perception of your brand, interactions with your teams, and the whole journey throughout a customer lifecycle. Investing in a customer experience program is a great way to improve brand loyalty and increase revenue. Encompass-CX provides an accurate measure of customer health data so you can optimize your customers' journeys. the experience your clients have every time they interact with you and your business. Encompass-CX measures your overall customer loyalty and journey, as well as any important touchpoints along the way.
  • Why Encompass-CX?
    Encompass-CX was created out of the need to better understand customer motivations. Customer experience goes beyond satisfaction. Our founder, Tom Cates, created Encompass-CX to do just that. Our SaaS technology and AI tools not only measure satisfaction, but focus on customer motivation to better understand customer health. The NPS question is good for understand satisfaction, but it doesn't tell you why people feel that way. What motivates someone to love your company? What causes someone to be disloyal to your brand? Invest in your customers' health with Encompass-CX and truly understand your customers so you can celebrate successes and eliminate problem areas.
  • How do I become a partner?
    We obviously care a lot about relationships. As our partner, we want to support you and your business. To make sure we are a good fit for each other, we like to start out with a quick call to discuss your business and clientele. From there, we can find the best partnership option and teach you more about Encompass-CX. Click here to schedule an initial discussion with us!
  • Is there a cost to becoming a partner?
    No! Encompass-CX has a tiered pricing program that is dependent on the type of partnership you are looking to pursue. Set up a meeting with us today and we can figure out which partnership type is best for you. Click here to talk to us!

Current Partners

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