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Updated: Aug 17, 2021


How often do you receive requests to complete customer satisfaction surveys? Especially the type that poke into your consumer mind. It’s constant. But it makes you wonder how much value these surveys are actually creating for customers and organizations. Do they? Can learning what satisfies customers be enough? Through careful planning, surveys are designed to articulate invaluable customer insights that impact sales growth. There is value in this but are truly measuring customer satisfaction the way it should be?

Customer Experience Surveys Will Help Boost Your Revenue

The obvious goal of surveys is to let an organization learn how customers feel about them. This includes how they feel about the products or services they received. Surprisingly, this is less important than how customers feel about an organization emotionally. The way customers feel about how they are treated and valued plays a large role in how and where they decide to spend their money next. Just think about an awesome customer experience you’ve had in the past. Didn’t it motivate you to come back? That’s how customer loyalty starts.

By measuring customer satisfaction, organizations send a message that they take their customer relationships serious. The Harvard Business Review published a blog that explains how surveys affect customer retention. The results showed that customers who participated in a short customer satisfaction survey purchased from the company 3x more than customers who didn’t receive a survey. This highlights just how crucial it is for customers to feel valued and how something simple like a survey can truly impact sales revenue.

Getting Customer Feedback is Easy!

Customer satisfaction surveys can be conducted by mail, over the phone, and online. Each has its own set of pros and cons, but it seems that the most common channels are online and over the phone. The correct medium for your survey depends on your organization and what its looking to accomplish. A smaller business may be able to utilize telemarketing to survey customers about their experience and gain more detailed insights that an online questionnaire would not. A larger business might have the most success with an online survey. Online surveys make it easier to gather data and analyze responses within a short amount of time. Both methods provide invaluable insights, but they only work when you implement the best means for gathering customer feedback.

Build a Customer Satisfaction Survey That Has Impactful Value

If both companies and customers are spending valuable time on a survey, it has to create value for everyone. Survey questions have to learn more than what makes customers satisfied or happy. Surveys need to discover what creates an emotional connection between a buyer and a product, service, or salesperson.

A survey must be brief in order to retain the attention of the consumer. This means that every question is significant. The questions must gather more information than whether or not if a customer is satisfied. Specific inquiries about what the company does well or not give worthwhile information. Open-ended questions are a beneficial option for precise information that could not be collected by a multiple choice type question. This helps you collect better information in order to improve your customer experience.

Julia L. Roberts recently wrote an exceptionally informative piece for the Huffington Post that explored aspects to consider while creating a survey. One of the points in the article suggests a follow-up to a survey. This would be post-survey once all the results have been analyzed the company could report findings that show inspiration of growth, and highlight responses. Is there a better way of showing customers you care than showing them you listened to their concerns and are implementing those ideas towards change?

Ultimately, the survey is meant to show the customers they are valuable and learn how they are treated to improve your company. Keeping these goals in mind while conducting a survey has an exceptional impact on the company’s present and future.

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