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Access the Customer Insights that Matter

Our software allows you to:

  1. Increase revenue from existing client base

  2. Reduce churn

  3. Increase customer lifetime value



Use our one-of-a-kind scoring metrics to determine buyer intent and at-risk customers and accurately pinpoint which customers view you as transactional, require attention and are poised for churn
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Satisfy the 6 dimensions of a successful customer interaction that make your clients happier while extending their tenure with your company
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Add value to your client relationships by knowing the key areas to focus on in customer loyalty and experience. Measure your sale's teams performance and upsell / cross-sell to various clients in the long-term. 
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Start Using Encompass-CX Now

Grow your sales revenue one client at a time


Measure client experience based on a combination of behavioral, psychographic, and fact-based data

Not Convinced? Here Are Other Great Features 

 Predictive modeling 

Use customer insights to predict future customer engagement trends

Contact/account organization 

Organize accounts by SEQ score, value, and # of active contacts so you stay focused on current and future objectives


Assign tasks for your individual clients; use customer feedback to create a tailored communication strategy around areas for improvement

Custom reporting 

Build custom reports based on your client's climate, practice, and promoter scores

Survey Analysis tools

Dig deeper into your individual client's SEQ score  by analyzing the dimensions your team is excelling at and could improve upon

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“We found out where we really stood with a customer,” Tim says, “and what they wanted us to change.” After using Encompass-CX for one year, Barrett achieved a 50% revenue increase and built a foundation for satisfying customers that would lead to gains year after year.

Tim Barrett

COO of Barrett Distribution Center

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