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Partner Spotlight

Our Partner of the Month is...
Minerva Consulting

“I believe meaningful change doesn’t happen without informed decision making, consensus among stakeholders, a well thought out plan, and excellent execution. 

Helping business thrive is my passion.”

-Sonal Chandler, Founder & CEO

Sonal Chandler
Founder & CEO

Partner  Marketplace

The Twelve B.V.

Make a quantum leap in your evolution, Become the team or whole organisation that inspires its own future, transforms beyond silos, thrives and co-creates value sustainably for all stakeholders.

Kathelijne Drenth
Sales Training, Sales Management, Content Marketing, Professional Speaking

Vector Firm

Vector Firm is the premier sales management consulting firm that is focused on the security industry offering targeted sales consulting, marketing and training solutions.

Chris Peterson
Financial Services

The Chapman Group 

For over 30 years, The Chapman Group has been partnering with B2B sales management and customer management organizations to identify and solve relationship challenges. 

Dennis Chapman
President and CEO
Management Consulting


The EcSell Institute is a leadership coaching group that is focused on helping organizations grow sales and increase performance of teams through their own leadership teams.

Bill Ecstrom
Founder and CEO
Management Consulting, Growth Strategies

Pragma Advisors

The Pragma Advisors team helps to deliver improved growth and shareholder value by working with your team to decode and extend your market leadership position together.

Drew Naimont
Managing Partner

id8 Strategies

id8 Strategies is helping entrepreneurs reach or exceed their goals faster by turning plans into profits and dreams into reality. We work with the leadership teams to brainstorm strategies together as one.

Paul Berman
Sales Training, Management Consulting


Receive Business and Personal Consulting from someone who's been on the front lines: 30+ years as a Sales Devote, Trainer and Coach with confidence in helping your business.

Eric Shulman

Our Sales Coach

Our Sales Coach works with business owners, sales managers & salespeople, service professionals to change their sales behaviors and develops sustainable habits that can double their sales .

Ken Cheo
Management Consulting, Leadership Development

The Crossland Group 

We are a strategic advisory firm that illuminates the truth to help conscious leaders unlock their potential for the good of their organizations and to help build a better world.

Teri Riddle
CEO and Founder
Organizational Development, Leadership Development, Strategic Planning

The DS Benefits Group

The DS Benefits Group is industry leaders in corporate benefits, HR administrations, organizational developments and financial plannings, all headquartered in Northeast Ohio.

Mike Rao
Management Consulting, Sales Training

The Brookeside Group

At Brookeside, we’re experts at helping clients develop the strategy, process, and behavior change to succeed in today’s environment. We have our years worth of experience to help.

Tom Cates
Innovative Solutions. Expertly Implemented. We create solutions that propel change by focusing on solving your organization's most complex problems. ​

Minerva Consulting

We help organizations thrive by improving performance, efficiency, and overall business operations. We develop and manage strategic plans that drive profitability and mitigate risks.

Sonal Chandler
Founder & CEO
Product and Marketing Strategy


Accelerate the voice of life-changing innovations with marketing expertise. Unlike other consulting firms, Voxcellerate provides strategic guidance and services exclusively to healthcare companies.

Sue Feury
Managing Director


Count-On-Able creates a leadership culture that empowers all employees to own their responsibilities and be leaders in their roll. Teams move to a new model of accountability that delivers results.

Jeff Cohen
CEO & Founder
Sales Management, Client Acquisition

C-Level Partners

C-Level Partners is driven by one dominant desire: to help real companies go to market by connecting them seamlessly to qualified decision makers; the Right People, in the Right Role, Right Now.

Johnny-Lee Reinoso
Founder and CEO
Financial Services

Pathway Advising

We work with companies to develop leadership programs that will achieve high levels of engagement throughout their organization in addition to a high growth level overall.

Melissa Malloy

Praxis Growth Advisors, Inc

At Praxis Growth Advisors our mission is to help people, teams and organizations build growth driven cultures. The essence of a healthy business is growth. Businesses that stagnate and don’t grow will eventually die.

Eric Warner
President and Owner

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