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A Better Way to Analyze Client Loyalty

Traditionally B2B sales teams cast a wide net in their customer experience approach, creating more personalized messaging, targeting greater touch points, etc. The problem is that this is a costly and inefficient way to address how your client actually feels. Using AI technology we show you how are performing across 6 dimensions: integrity, competency, recognition, proactivity, savvy, and chemistry. to improve relationships with the clients that matter:


The 6 Dimensions of Loyalty​

Your team comes fully equipped with the insights you need to satisfy your client's needs and motivate them to become loyal customers. We integrate their survey responses and deliver you a dashboard showing you where you can improve along a buyer's journey. 

Loyalty Overview Dashboard.png


You would be surprised how many sales reps don't deliver on something they promise. Be the source of reliable information and if you can't deliver - don't overpromise


Can you do what you promise? Show you are capable of managing an account by meeting deadlines, taking notes, and sharing key information about deals and meetings. 

The Satisfiers

Becoming a trusted advisor starts by building a foundation with your clients. Do they trust you to carry out the day-to-day responsibilities of a sales rep? There are the satisfiers that show you are doing the bare minimum to stay in business with a customer.

The Motivators


Ensure your client feels valued. Introduce them to colleagues, invite them to events, and say "thank you." Show your client you care.


Make your client look good in meetings. Alert them to changing markets and competitors that might be impacting them. 


Competency show you know your own business, but savvy shows clients you know theirs: do the due diligence to understand industry and competitors


Show your client why this is the right fit. Show interest in their life and give them a spotlight after a successful project or deal. 

Do beyond what is expected of you in a traditional buyer-seller relationship. Ask yourself, do I make my clients look good in meetings, understand their pain points, and make an effort to make the relationship work. There are the motivators that transition you from a transactional vendor to a trusted advisor.

Grow your Business with Encompass-CX 

Here are the Stats

According to our research, medium and large companies spend 25% more on happy clients than dissatisfied onesIn short, sales teams are misaligned in their strategy: they should focus on fixing relationships with unhappy clients 
Want to learn more? Here are two industry case studies we recently analyzed:



Get a Head Start with Templates

Save time when you use ready-to-use templates that guide you through how to develop a successful customer loyalty program

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