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Introducing Count-On-Able

About Count-On-Able

Business is as much about your offering, your team, your clients, and your dreams as it is about understanding how people respond to stimulus.

Just consider for a minute when you are being held accountable for something it's not always a good feeling. In fact, you may feel like you are being made wrong for not completing something you've committed to. It's not FUN...

We shift the negative perspective people have about accountability to a positive empowering approach, we refer to this as BEING COUNT-ON-ABLE.

Count-on-ability aligns your company and team with what they do well and love doing with the priority tasks and actions that meet your goals, milestones, and objectives.

The Services We Provide

The Industries We Serve

  • Coaching 

  • Up-leveling

  • Effective communication,

  • Consulting

  • CEOs

  • Business Owners

  • Executives

  • Entrepreneurs

across all industries

Become Our Partner!

Why We Partnered 

"The most important thing you can know about yourself and your people… ​
What you are NOT Count-On-Able™ for!
Our partnership with Encompass-CX helps leaders implement our proven approach”

Team Leader


Jeff Cohen

CEO & Founder

You can have exceptional results in your business. Not possible? Learn from someone who has taken businesses from $0 to $20 Million within 3 years and helped 300+ clients grow highly successful 7-8 figure businesses.

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