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Introducing The Chapman Group

About The Chapman Group

For over 30 years, The Chapman Group has been partnering with B2B sales and customer management organizations to identify and solve relationship challenges. 

Our unique metric-based customer engagement methods, processes, and best practices integrate the art with the science of managing the customer relationship. Your people will be more knowledgeable, efficient, effective and collaborative with their customers, thus enabling your organization to grow at a more accelerated rate.

The Services We Provide

The Industries We Serve

  • Account Management

  • Financial Services

  • Learning and Development

  • Sales Training

  • Chemical

  • Communications

  • Financial

  • Healthcare / Pharmaceutical

  • Manufacturing

  • Technology

  • Business Services 

  • ...and many more 

Become Our Partner!

Why We Partnered 

"Our desired outcome of helping our clients has been achieved by seeing how they've been able to create trusted advisors for themselves."

Team Leader


Dennis Chapman

President and CEO

His innovative methods and practices for sales, strategic account management, calculating an economic value proposition and measuring customer feedback have been published for many years.

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