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Our Leadership Team

As Chief Executive Officer at Encompass-CX, I oversee our sales, marketing, and business development efforts. Prior Encompass-CX, I was the General Manager of Adroit Digital (MediaMath Company) and held numerous leadership roles at Akamai Technologies.

Outside of work, I enjoy shuttling my three boys to their hockey, lacrosse, and football practices, and listening to live bands.


Joe Puccilo

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VP of Business Development

As VP of of business development and revenue, I oversee our sales and partner activity. Prior to Encompass-CX, I held senior leadership positions at NRT and Zip Reality where I oversaw Sales and Operations as well growing the technology platforms that powered the revenue engine. I am a true techie who belives incremental technology adoption has massive impact on revenue organizations.


Outside of work, I am actively engaged in High School Sports boosters Clubs and helping to raise money and awareness of of local sports.

As Chief Storyteller at Encompass-CX, I’ve established a research-based approach to uncovering the true value of a client relationship. As counsel to a wide array of industries and organizations, I help companies tackle real issues like market research, customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty, process improvement and change management.

I’m also an author of three books and a recognized speaker, known for my natural storytelling ability that inspires audiences to achieve better client relationships.


Eric Hedman

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VP of Engineering and Chief Technical Officer

As VP of Engineering and Chief Technical Officer, I oversee our engineering and product management efforts. Prior to Encompass-CX, I held senior leadership positions at a number of early and mid-stage technical startups in the Boston area spanning streaming music, mobile image recognition, financial services, and cloud hosting.

Outside of work, I enjoy photography, youth sports, and cycling.


Scott German

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Chief Executive Officer

Chief Storyteller


Tom Cates

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