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Download Contacts

Encompass-CX allows you to download your contact data into a CSV file for review and analysis.

  1. Click the Contacts tab

  2. Click on the three dots icon on the right of the screen. Choose "Download CSV Data" from the drop-down options

  3. Your CSV file will begin downloading

Encompass-CX also allows you to send PDF reports via email that include valuable insights and information from a contact's survey response.

  1. Click on the Contacts Tab in the navigation bar

  2. Select the name of the contact you wish to generate a report for

  3. Select the PDF icon in the row of the survey response

  4. The Relationship Report pop-up will appear. Edit the email in the "Send to" field if you desire and press "Create Report" when finished

  5. The report will be sent via email to the address indicated in the "Send to" field

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