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Edit Dashboard

If you are the owner of a dashboard, you will have the ability to edit and customize it. Navigate to the three dots in the top right corner of your screen to see your options.

  • You can export the dashboard as a PDF. 

  • You can create a new blank dashboard for your own customization.

  • You can create a section. These are used to group widgets together in any way you'd like. 

  • You can delete the dashboard. This is permenate so you will be asked to confirm the deletion. 

  • You can clone the dashboard. This will create an exact duplicate of the dashboard.

  • You can edit the dashboard. Here you can edit which users the dashboard is assigned to. 

  • You can change the dates that the dashboard is pulling data for. Select "Specific Dates" from the dropdown and enter your desired timeframe, or choose "Live Dates" and choose the past 12 months or the past 6 months. 

If you do not see all of these options under your three dots, then you do not own that dashboard. Contact your admin or the proper owner of that dashboard if you need assistance.

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