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Response Rate

Overall Response Rate

The Overall Response Rate report keeps track of what happens to surveys after they are distributed. Once a survey is sent out, it will be recorded as either "Delivered" or "Unsuccessful" status. 

Of all the "Delivered" distributions, they can then be recorded in 3 different categories. "Unopened" is the first stage, which means that the contact has not opened the email yet. Once the email is opened and/or the survey link is clicked on, the distribution moves into the "In Progress" status. Once the contact completely fills out a survey and submits it, it will then be moved into the "Completed" status.

You can also view Response Rates by Account and Contact in the two tabbed charts under these pie charts.

Response Rate by User

The Response Rate by User report displays the spread of distribution statuses for each user you manage. Each survey is either "Completed", "Opened, Not Completed" (which means that the contact has opened the survey invitation email but has not completed the survey), "Unopened", or Unsuccessful (which means the survey invitation did not make it to their inbox). 

Response Rate by Account

The Response Rate by Account report tracks the the distribution statuses for each account.

Response Rate by Account Field

The Response Rate by Account Field report tracks the distribution status based on the categories that make up a certain account field. Use the dropdown in the top left to change the field.

Overall Account Response Rate

The Overall Account Response Rate report tracks the number of accounts that have at lest one contact who has submitted a response. If an account has one or more contact who has submitted a survey, the account is considered an "Account Responding". Whereas accounts who have no contacts submit a report 

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