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Self Launch for Admin

  1. Go to Admin Controls, then go to Upload Data

    1. Here you can download the data templates

    2. Fill in any data needed for this launch

    3. Click Browse to find your completed spreadsheet for upload. Click Verify and Upload to upload the selected spreadsheet. 

    4. A new section will appear prompting you to map the existing data fields to the file headers. Select the corresponding fields in the dropdown options. Once complete, hit Submit.   

  2. Go back to the Admin Controls menu and go to Launches

  3. Select the + button in the upper right hand corner

    1. Here you will name your launch, select the survey, invite messages, and reminder interval for the launch 

  4. Review the launch info and click on the linked wave

  5. Click on the Contacts Fields tab and select the wave name you wish to launch to. Then select Update Filter


    Click on the Master List tab and add contacts to the white list one by one to launch to

  6. Go to Scheduled Launch List

  7. Lock the list

  8. Select Send All to send all the surveys out at once. Or select the mail icon to send surveys individually

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