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Pending To-dos

At the top of your dashboard you may see a section that lists your pending to-dos. These are action items that are required of you on the Encompass-CX platform. Use the "View" buttons to see details for each pending to-do.

In the Self-Assessments section, use the "complete" button to take each outstanding self assessment. If the "complete" button is grayed out then that self-assessment doesn't belong to you but you can see it due to your contact ownership or org level.

In the Incomplete Surveys section, view which contacts haven't responded to the survey yet. Use the "Generate Reminder Email" button to send that contact a personalized reminder with their unique survey link.

In the Open Tasks section, complete action planning or task closure procedures for any open tasks assigned to you.

For more information on these to-dos, check out these articles:


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