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A Plan to Reach Your B2B Goals

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

You cannot reach your B2B goals without focusing on customer experience; any attempt to raise profits, increase productivity, or expand your business will be incredibly difficult without being able to offer a superb experience for all your customers. This is because customer experience is one of the most profitable business strategies.

If your customers are happy with you, then they will refer others to you and are more likely to spend more money with your company. So, how do you achieve incredible customer experience? Follow along for our tips and tricks!

1) Set up a plan. You cannot go into anything without a plan! To have amazing customer experience, you need to write down what your goals are in order to achieve the results you want. Perhaps you want your employees to be more communicative with your customers or you want to have 33% of your client relationships to be trusted advisors. If you have a solid goal in mind, you will be more motivated to reach it; just make sure you are being realistic. A goal that is too grand can be discouraging, so try to focus on SMART goals. Try asking questions such as, “Do I have the resources and time to accomplish this goal?,” “What am I trying to accomplish?,” or “How much time will I need to achieve my goal?” Be introspective and think carefully— be smart!

2) Check-in.

Take the time to reflect on your efforts and remind yourself of the plan. Maybe you promised your client you would set up surveys to calculate their NPS or do a deep-dive on where your client is underperforming. Basically, make sure you are following through on what you promised— if not, customers will be dissatisfied and may leave. This can be done by setting intermediate goals to ensure you are hitting your goals to increase customer experience.

3) Be disciplined. Communicate regularly with your team and client to see what each party needs. The last thing you want to do is keep your client in the dark and wondering what you are doing to help them reach their goals. Additionally, keep track of what you do for your client day to day so you have documentation of your progress for both your client and yourself. Therefore, if you have to switch strategies or want to see your progress, you and your client can easily reflect on it.

4) Act quickly. You want to bring forth the best version of yourself and your team to achieve a positive customer experience; you should not delay any decision-making, communication, or tasks you promised your client. If you forget to send your client that email or otherwise demonstrate that their business is not a priority to you, then you have lost yourself a customer. However, if you fully commit to your client by communicating, overdelivering, and exuding professionalism, your client could develop into a trusted advisor— the ultimate goal for customer experience.

What is something you pride yourself on doing in customer experience? Tell us down below! Afterward, follow us on Linkedin at “Encompass-CX” for more blogs and other updates.

Co-written by Alexis Audeh

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