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How to Cultivate Long Lasting Client Relationships

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Everyone wants to have long-term client relationships. They offer endless benefits such as increased revenue, referrals, and even potential friendships. So, how do you successfully form these relationships? Unfortunately, even if you are friendly and professional, that does not necessarily mean you have a client for life; you have to develop soft skills to keep your client around.

Here are some of the key soft skills you can master in order to form long-lasting client relationships.

1. Be optimistic.

Think of the positives in your client’s situation. You do not want your client to feel hopeless in any situation— they are trying their best and they are putting their trust in you to help.

Whatever stress you might be feeling, they likely feel it too. Take that stress in stride, and collaborate with your client to produce the best possible outcome for their situation. Be confident and positive, and your client will assuredly have more faith in your abilities and their own company.

2. Understand your client’s goals.

You need to understand your client’s business through and through. What does your client’s company do? Who do they sell to? What is their budget? Who are their main competitors? All of this information is crucial to know when giving any advice to your client. If you do not know the basics of their business, your client will not be able to trust you. Why would they? You do not seem remotely interested in what they do! You need to know the company’s goals, ambitions, and restraints— all the nitty-gritty stuff.

Understanding the basics of your clients business is the bare minimum in order to earn their trust. In order to truly stand out, you must go further. Get personal with your client. Seek out the company’s mission statement and values, why the company was created in the first place, and what they are hoping to get out of your help. You need to know the entire picture to do a great job.

3.Treat your client as a peer.

Your client is a wealth of knowledge, so collaborate! They know things you do not know, and you know things that they do not know. Take the time to educate each other on the intricacies of your respective fields; explain your thought processes and decision-making as well. By doing so, your client will see how knowledgeable you are and trust will build. Moreover, your client is a person too. Get to know them on a personal level— people love talking about themselves. This will eventually elevate your relationship from transaction to predisposed.

4. Cater to your client.

Each client will have their preferences, and part of your job is to accommodate them. Your client should feel comfortable talking and doing business with you. If that means getting on a phone call once a week or using Slack daily, then do it. By demonstrating you care about your client’s needs, they will return the favor with more business.

5. Appreciate your client.

Your client is more than your paycheck, so treat them accordingly. Establish check-ins to ensure you understand your client’s visions for their business and send them tokens of your appreciation, whether that be a card around the holidays or taking them out on a business lunch. Moreover, be genuine in your efforts to get to know them and their interests; by going that extra mile, you are separating yourself from your competition and your client will take note.

What is your go-to method for client relationships? Comment down below! Afterward, follow us at “Encompass-CX” on Linkedin for more blogs and other updates.

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