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Updated: Aug 23, 2021


What Is Customer Experience?

Encompass-CX, a partner of The Brookeside Group, was founded with the main goal of optimizing customer experience. Customer experience (CX) encompasses everything a business does that affects a customer’s perception of that business. CX will be the deciding factor for a customer’s next decision: give you their business or take their business elsewhere.

What are CX Principles? CX Principles...

  1. Remain engaged and attentive to your client’s problems

  2. Be honest and helpful with prospects and current clients

  3. Make a lasting impression by making an honest recommendations

Now Let’s Look at an Example:

Bob is in the market for a new car. While each car dealership has similar options, Bob doesn’t know enough about cars to make the decision on his own. At each dealership, he tells the car dealer he’s looking for a safe car with good gas mileage. He shares his price range and asks for a recommendation.

His first stop is Dealership A, one of the largest dealerships in Bob’s area. Dealership A has a wide range of cars in different styles, colors, and prices. Bob is overwhelmed by the options, but hopeful there will be something on the lot that fits his needs. Bob finds a sales person and begins to describe the type of car he’s looking for. The sales person seems dismissive of Bob’s concerns and points him in the direction of a group of cars. While impressed with the quantity of cars, Bob decides to keep looking for other dealerships.

At Dealership B, Bob is greeted at the door by a car dealer. While a smaller selection of cars than Dealership A, Bob is impressed by the dealer and their willingness to guide Bob through this important decision. The dealer recognizes they have limited car options, but continues to give Bob his/her professional and honest recommendation. The dealer suggests a safe model with good gas mileage that is within Bob’s requested price range; however, they don’t have the model in stock. The dealer says they can order the model for Bob or find a dealer in the area with the model in stock.

In this situation, Bob decides to go with Dealership B. While Dealership B has a fewer selection of cars, the customer experience Bob received (compared to what he received at Dealership A) was unmatched. Bob couldn’t imagine taking his business elsewhere after the dealer at Dealership B was so willing to help Bob on his endeavor, even if it meant he didn’t get Bob’s business. Bob even refers his friends to Dealership B and continues to go back whenever he needs help with his car.

The Impact of Good Customer Experience

Think of a time when you had a good customer experience and how it made you feel. Now think of how you felt after a bad customer experience. These memories make a lasting impression on customers, which is why a good customer experience is crucial to the success of a business. A happy customer is likely to become a loyal customer, which means more potential clients and an increase in revenue.

Providing good customer experience is the difference between your customer giving his/her/their business to you or taking it to your competitor. In our example, Bob had a business decision to make, which was decided based on where he perceived he had a better experience. Bob was so pleased with the experience, he not only became a loyal customer, but also brought more loyal customers to Dealership B.

Measuring CX

There are many ways to measure and analyze customer experience. To name a few, data can be collected through:

  • conducting surveys

  • asking customers for testimonial reviews

  • analyzing customer support ticket trends.

While these methods can provide great feedback for a business, they can be time consuming and there’s no guarantee of accuracy.

Customer Experience Insight Is Available

Encompass-CX is a customer experience SaaS company delivering leading edge AI tools to optimize customer experience. Our customer retention software is designed to collect data from disparate systems, with a core goal of measuring customer experience. Our technology provides real-time visibility into the health of your accounts, products, and service teams, along with meaningful insights and automated actions that can be used from the executive level boardroom to customer-facing teams, including access to a customer success dashboard. Knowing how to scale customer success is one of many elements that makes Encompass-CX stand out from other customer experience companies. The application measures perception and fact based data for maximum accuracy. Click here to learn more about our mission. Have all the information you need? Contact us to schedule a 1 on 1 meeting to discuss how Encompass-CX can drastically improve your company’s customer experience!

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